ymca research

1. Mission and/or Include Vision Statement
The mission statement of YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice by use of
programs which build a healthy spirit, body and mind for all people (Beets et al., 2014).
2. Goals (SMART)
Enhance growth of programs and capabilities by strengthening the young people in
developing partnerships and data collection.
Improvement of facilities through expansion of programs
Development of staff and volunteers through recruitment of many volunteers, provision
of part time employment opportunities and recognition of staff teams.
3. History
The YMCA was founded during the industrial revolution with an aim of providing low
cost housing facilities to the many youths who were migrating to the cities. Thus the YMCA
made a combination of the preaching the streets and distributing religious tracts. These centers
thus were viewed as places of recreation so that the young people would be preserved from
gambling, prostitutions and alcohol among other vices (http://www.ymca.net/).
4. Founded by whom
This association was founded by George Williams, who was a London-based draper
during the industrial revolution.
5. Length of Existence
YMCA was founded in the year 1844, and thus has been existence for the last 174 years.
6. Strategic Plan/Future Programming
The YMCA 2018 to 2023 strategic plan is:
Be a key anchor of driving social, economic and health developments among the local
communities (YMCA of Hamilton, Burlington and Brantfor, 2018). To deepen their impacts in
improving health equity. To extend their reach to the vulnerable and at risk communities by
engaging all people. They also plan to transform their relationships with technology so enhance
improved community service delivery.
7. Previous Projects
This association engages in several activities through programs whereby many young
people have been beneficiaries. Some of its activities include engagement in charitable activities,
classes for skills development, promotion of Christianity and humanitarian activities, and
funding athletics among many more activities.
The chatterboxes is a project which is run by disabled youths aged between eleven to
twenty-five years.
8. Review
– 990 Filing
Since the YMCA is a charitable organization, it is exempted from taxes for reporting
child care. The customers should thus have a child providers’ EIN number to perform e-filing.
– Donor List
Humana Inc
Charter communications
Bank of America charitable foundation inc
Howard Johnson
Center for disease control and prevention (CDC)
AARP foundation
National basketball foundation
Points of light
Office of the juvenile justice and delinquency prevention
Wallace foundation
Wells Fargo
Simons foundation
Robert wood Johnson foundation