Workshop for Parents and Create a Play Area

Assignment #7 and 8- Part 1-Create a PowerPoint that you would present to parents about the importance of play. Make sure to include: what is play, what parents can do at home to incorporate play, Part 2, etc. (Be Creative. Remember you are presenting to parents!!)
Part 2- Create a Play Area
-Choose 1 object(s) from your house and change it to a constructive and/or physical play area.
For example, … I have a wood fence around my house, I would cover spray paint part of the fence and attach various pots, pans, bottles, etc. and make a MUSIC Area. This would give my child and other Children a chance to participate in constructive and physical play while outside and they are learning various skills. OR, I may collect some tissue holders and wrap them in various color construction paper, labeling them with the primary colors and have children to use straws or pickup sticks to place dyes cotton balls in the correct tissue holder… Various skills and children can peer play (Play with another students
-Take pictures of your creation and include it in your PowerPoint to present to parents (Part 1)