WINE LAWS AND LEGAL/Law homework help

Before you complete this short reflection paper, please watch Grace Rumler’s short Honors Project presentation about Michigan Wineries.  You can find her presentation file in Week 7 folder.
Question 1) During our online lectures, we frequently have talked about examples of Michigan Wines or Michigan Wineries.  You also can find Grace Rumler’s H-project presentation (in week 7 folder) about comparing a few Michigan wineries.
This semester, what three lessons have you learned about Michigan wines or Michigan wineries?  Two of your lessons should relate to Grace Rumler’s H-project presentation contents.  Please cite her work in your responses.
Question 2) Each week, specific themes or online lesson topics have been addressed regarding HB 409 (Introduction to Wine).  If you are asked to choose TWO online lesson topics most valuable or educational that enhance your learning experience, what TWO topics would you choose, and what THREE takeaways from each of these two topics?
Question 3) You have engaged in weekly discussion forums, responding to your classmates’ questions.  You were asked to look up some information online and respond to those questions.  If you did not miss any discussion forum activities, you have responded to about 18 classmates’ postings with regard to their specific questions.  Among your responses to 18 classmates’ postings, please choose the  two most valuable or interesting questions that you found, and your SHORT SUMMARIZED response to each of them (Note:  you need not include all your responses posted earlier to your classmates. Please simply include SHORT, and summarized notes) .
Question 4) If you have any other comments about HB 409 course or just leave a note or a question to Dr. Cha, you can include them below in the box.
Format Example (in word document): Include your question number in your responses! 

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Week 7 Written Online Assignment
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        Write your responses in the paragraph form  
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