What is your understanding of the function of the drum:

  • Create a PowerPoint of   10 – 12 slides  (more if you need it) – using images, video, and text to support your answers to the questions below.  (Presentation should be no more than 15 minutes)
  • You will work with your group to choose the best slide from each individual presentation to create one group presentation. You will present this in class. (More Details to follow)


  • What is your understanding of the function of the drum:
  • In relation to the dancer?
  • To the drummer?
  • To the community/audience?


  • Find quotes from your readings that illustrate each:

Choose a different dance for each one of these elements from your text or your in-class workshops
3. The different movements found in African Dances

  • Provide examples of a dance or multiple dances that focus on the movement of a particular body part
  • Examples of movements:  Arm flapping, leaping and jumping, sidestepping, hip rolling, undulating). Be specific regarding movements associated with dances or if specific movements appear in multiple dances.

Define the following senses of African Dance according to Karaimu Welsh Asante and provide examples

  • Polycentrism
  • Epic Memory
  • Polyrhythm
  • Holistic Unity (holism)
  • Ephebism
  • Curvilinearity
  • Dimensionality

5. “Within a ritual festival the sequence and character of the component events are determined by purposes relative to the larger world view. In other words, the why of the festival – in terms of its sociocultural context, determines the what – in terms of the form of the activities that take place.
African Dance, as an avenue of expression closely related to the themes and purposes of a particular occasion, is, in effect, context determined. – Nicholls p. 47 (African Dance – Textbook)
Please provide an example of an African Dance from the Nicholls chapter, what takes place and how that explains the world view of those people.
6. Choose an entry from your journal that you want to share or tell us about your experience in this class thus far. What feels important to note about yourself, your classmates, or the material you are learning?
7. Cite your sources using  MLA Style on the slides or in the notes section.
This a Group & Individual Project
75 Points for Individual PowerPoint
25 Points for Group Presentation
Total Points = 100