video game Fornite 

1500 word essay… 6 pages how long will it take.. for my topic of data breach I chose the video game Fornite

Case Study Assignment:

Why do a case study? – Your success will primarily come from being able to apply your knowledge and skills to particular situations and problem solving. A case study will allow you to analyze an actual breach, discuss what happened, how and why it happened, and then propose solutions and controls based on your learning in this class.

Logistics of the Case Study

Each student will choose an actual breach for which adequate publicly available information is available. You will post your choice in the appropriate Blackboard Discussion folder. You may choose any breach from this website or any other breach incident of your choice (look at the Archive for incidents older than 24 months):

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights- Breach Portal

All Data Breaches in 2019 & 2020 – An Alarming Timeline

However, each student must choose an organization no one else has chosen. Two students cannot choose the same organization. This is because you will read each other’s work within a group in order to learn from each other as well as learn to provide constructive critiques of other people’s work.

  • Paper One (1)
  • In the first paper you will research the organization (introduce the organization, its mission, organizational structure and mission critical systems), and analyze the breach (what happened, how, and why), and the financial damage. You will upload a draft two weeks before the final version is due in the appropriate Blackboard Discussion folder for your Group. You will review peer and instructor comments and incorporate revisions as appropriate for your final version which will be graded. You will upload the final version in the appropriate Blackboard Main Discussion area forum so everyone in the class can learn from your research. Length of paper: 1,500 word minimum (6-8 pages doubled spaced, not including images, charts, etc). There is no penalty for longer papers.


  • Requirements
    • There is a 1,500 words, minimum requirement, per paper, for this assignment, no page limit. Be sure to follow APAv7 style. I’m more interested in how much you learn from conducting the research, select security technologies and craft interoperability. What you will not do is copy from a website, book, or other source and turn them in as your own work; this constitutes plagiarism. Papers found to be plagiarized are subject to loss of full credit and/or actions annotated in the Stevenson Academic Honesty Policy. Liberal use of tools such as Visio or Dia (network diagramming applications) is encouraged.