udeo-Christian and/or Greco-Roman traditions Open Details

from the Greek tragedies to Augustine’s Confessions) using the literature to support an argument on an acceptable topic. State a thesis (= make a claim, take a position) Use citations to make and develop points in favor of the position Consider counter-arguments, if any, against the position Summarize the argument and state why it is important In developing the essay, the following order is most efficient: Choose a topic of interest Collect quotes from the literature that bear on the topic Organize the quotes to develop a solid thesis Write the body of the essay, integrating quotes Write the introduction and conclusion Acceptable topics: interactions between god(s) and man depictions of ideal human beings depictions of the afterlife quests for immortality fate, predestination, fortune, grace prophets and prophecies relations of mind to body seeming and being, the inner and outer man shame and guilt, pride and humility marriage and marital relations