U.S./Mexican Border – Drug trafficking aiding the drug abuse problem in the US


You will conduct specific research on the U.S./Mexican border with emphasis on the contemporary issues, problems, dilemmas, and opportunities that are unique to the U.S./Mexico border region. Topic: How has drug trafficking across the southern border aided the drug abuse problem in the US? Instructions: APA writing style (6th Edition) format. The Internet may be used to access information from scholarly journals, libraries, etc. Google Scholar is an excellent research database for scholarly and professional materials. 4-5 References 5-8 pages The paper will be graded of the following criteria 1. Interpretation & Analysis – Did you provide a good overview argument(s), recommendation(s) or solution(s) 30% 2. Focus 30% 3. Development with use of adequate support 20% 4. Technical: Include spelling, grammar, and sentence structure 20%