The Censorship of Gun Violence Research

Please refer to the attached documents for many of the sources to be used for this project! Please also include any sources other than these used with copies of the passages used from government documents that contain the dickey amendment and the like***
*In some of the extra sources, please include in depth interviews to use in the story*
Present a compelling investigative story of your own design about a public institution or issue. Use the investigative elements and techniques we have cultivated in class. Do this with a specific audience in mind. Regardless of the medium, this should be long-form journalism. The final manifestation of this project will be educational, investigative and technical. The subject is up to you, as are the responsibilities of meeting the requirements for this project. Our goal is to create a work that is publication or broadcast ready. You should have much of the information-gathering done for this project already!
The Task:
Write for print or produce for broadcast a compelling story.
**This will include interviews, public/government documents, observations and narrative techniques.**
Required Criteria:
The story should be preceded with a statement of purpose and a brief explanation about what audience you are trying to reach.
a. Write a story suitable for print/online
The story should be between five and six pages.
Be well written in an objective, professional voice and style.
Show command of AP style.
Show an understanding of investigation as we have highlighted and practiced in class.
Be accurate, complete and compelling.
Show command of structure, execution, organization and writing style.
Use the research you have cultivated during your other projects.
Try to include as many of the following:
Disclosure Documents, Operational Documents, FOIAs, Verification and Matching of Documents, Government Websites, Court Documents, Directories, Vital Personal Records, Licenses, Political Activities, Publications, Business Records, Web Searches, Inspections, Workplace Safety, Observation, The Depository Library Program. IRS form 990, IRS form 10-K, Annual Reports, and In-depth interviews.