Supplemental Text: Reflection

Our curriculum reveals a world rich with diverse cultural traditions, filled with both common and conflicting values.  In a 1200-word essay, using MLA format, consider the questions of tolerance and understanding, especially when values of one culture are seen by others as wrong or unjust.  This can happen within or between countries or regions,  or even within or between families. Consider some traditions or values that we learned about which conflict with the traditions and values of other cultures.  What responsibilities do we have to understand other cultures, tolerate elements of other cultures, or perhaps work to change the traditions of other cultures that we believe are wrong or unjust?
In your essay, refer to at least six readings from Hirschberg or the assigned supplements which provide examples for your essay.  Additionally, you can write about examples based on your own experience. No additional research is necessary, but if you choose to refer to outside sources from your own research, you must properly credit these sources in your text and responsibly paraphrase or quote from these sources, avoiding plagiarism.  All sources you’ve used and cited within your essay must be included in an MLA-formatted Works Cited list at the end of your paper.   In formatting the Works Cited, see the guidance I’ve provided in many of the announcements throughout our semester, beginning with the 2/1 announcement.  Of course, your best writing skills should be on display.
Underneath i attach the name of the readings