Starbucks and The Container Store are examples of digitally integrated organizations (DIOs).

Integrated Marketing Communication
Starbucks and The Container Store are examples of digitally integrated organizations (DIOs).
1. Discuss and contrast each company’s integrated marketing communications (IMC). That is, how has each company integrated digital media into their marketing strategy?
2. Discuss if there is anything else each company can do to further take advantage of digital marketing tools.
3. State if you think Starbucks and The Container Store do a good job integrating their media tools overall. Explain your responses.
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Discussion 2
Global Marketing and Culture
Discuss the role culture plays in the development of global marketing plans.
1. Explain the cultural considerations that need to be taken into account in the development of global marketing plans.
2. What adjustments does a company have to make to their marketing strategy to accommodate a global market?
3. What are the key cultural drivers that challenge marketers when marketing globally? Give examples to support your argument.
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