speculative fiction

It is commonly asserted that speculative fiction prioritizes itself with addressing contemporary concerns with the set dressings of the far flung future or past, be it 1st world (Earth) or 2nd world (some other planet, like Middle Earth)—though with respect to contemporary speculative fiction it can often accomplish this with a contemporary 1st or 2nd world setting. Though speculative fiction can just as easily address concerns for the future as it addresses concerns for the now.
Analyze what are some of the concerns that we see addressed in (Postcolonial Love Poem) by Natalie Diaz as well as at least two Indigenous Futurism (Indian Native American) short stories? They do not need to be the same concern, though they should be related in some way.
Word Count 1,250-2,500; not including works cited
Essay must have a works cited page using the current MLA citation style. All of them