Should Pornography Be Restricted By Law?

Pornography is a sexually explicit material primarily intended for sexual arousal. Currently, pornography has emerged as a very sensitive issue among the conservatives, the liberals and the feminist movements. According to Eldridge (68), pornography is one of the topics with censorship issues in the internet since its content is even accessible to young children. Parents, activist’s assemblies and even the government are battling the explicit content in the internet to defend their children. However, Even though pornography is deemed harmless and that it educates its viewers on the techniques for maintaining a healthy relationship while also generating profits to the businesses, it should be restricted by law following some of its adverse effects in the society.

Pornography takes human sexuality, family, fulfillment, fidelity, encompassing love and turns it into a meaningless thing by supplying pleasure. According to Wilson (28), pornography replaces love with lust. Lust is considered one of the seven deadly sins given that it presents delight over a person making that a person an equipment of pleasure. Pornography also breaks down the abstinent attitudes about sex that has for a long time dominated the society. Some opponents believe that pornography is not harmful and should be legally tolerated. However this is not true as pornography encourage other more harmful behaviors like negative attitudes towards women, rape and even molestation. For example, pedophiles use pornographic content to demonstrate to their victims what they would like them to do.