Security Mechanisms for VANET(V2V)

Department of Electrical and Computer Science
Thesis topic : Security Mechanisms for VANET(V2V) ( find the Security Mechanism/Technique for V2V and also find the Encryption and Decrytion time for each Security Mechanism.
Reference format: ieee
I listed the Security mechanisms already on the paper but still need explainations(Some write ups)
I found the Encrytion and Decryption time already. and I did the plots but the plots need more explanation just like one of the article i will attach to this post.
I have started it and did most part but I would like more professional writer to expand and finish it for me .
If you found any ieee article that you wish to use and you dont have access to it.Let me know and I will get the paper to you.
You need to carry me along while doing this, incase you need further clarification from me .