Samsung and Samsung’s Galaxy tab strategy analysis in the UK market

Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis of the strategy employed by Samsung on its Galaxy tab tabs, in the United Kingdom. It uses PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain, and porter’s generic strategy models to analyse the current competitive position of Samsung and its Galaxy tab. The findings from the analysis show that the political stability in the UK guarantees a peaceful for Samsung. Additionally, the growing UK economy, adoption of ‘green’ initiatives, advances in technologies, and favourable social aspects such as the growing demand for technological products among the UK citizens, favour the performance of Samsung’s galaxy tab. However, the ever-changing customer preferences and stiff competition present challenges to the company. To stay competitive in the market, Samsung employs an effective marketing program, highly-skilled employees, greater R&D capability, and focuses on timely and efficient procurement process. However, it has a weak infrastructure in the UK. Additionally, Samsung Electronics Logitech is particularly charged with handling outbound logistics in overseas plants. The company employs focused differentiation because it offers high quality tabs, but at high prices. This report recommends that Samsung should employ a low cost strategy. It also recommends that it should invest in R&D capabilities, in order to keep pace with the ever-changing needs, tastes and expectations of its technologically-savvy consumers in the UK. Additionally, the report recommends that Samsung should pay much focus on the UK market, just the way it does overseas. For instance, it should have its production plants in the UK and improve its infrastructure in the UK to avoid delays in delivering and distributing its Galaxy tabs.