DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIES | THE HISTORY PROGRAM HIST 420 – SEMINAR IN AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY FALL 2020 FINAL RESEARCH PAPER (40%) DUE DATE: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2020 Please research and write an original Research Paper related to the Black Power Movement, which was a distinct period in African American history from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. As we have discussed in our previous lectures, the Black Power Movement emphasized racial pride, the creation of black political and cultural institutions, self-reliance, and group unity. The expression of “black power” ideology ranged from the desire to create an all-black nation-state to the promotion of black economic power. For this Research Project, you will select your own topic. However, the following topics are suggested: ► The Roots of Black Power: Robert F. Williams, the Deacons for Defense and Justice, and the Rise of Malcolm X ► “The Language of the Unheard”: Inner City Rebellions of the 1960s ► Black Power Rivalry: The Black Panther Party and the US Organization ► Before Kaepernick: The Black Power Movement and the Black Athlete ► Black Power on Campus: College Student Activism and the Arrival of Black Studies Programs ► Afros, Braids and Dashikis: The Black is Beautiful Movement of the 1960s. PAPER CONTENTS: 1) Title Page: Paper Title, Your Name, Course Name, Date and the Professor’s Name 2) Table of Contents: Subheadings that appear in the text; page numbers for these headings 3) Introduction 4) Body: Divided into Sections and Subsections (if necessary) 5) Conclusion 6) Bibliography 7) Table of Figures (if necessary) PAPER REQUIREMENTS: 1) Length: The paper length will be between 20-25 pages (DO NOT go over the page limit); 12-point Font; Double-Spaced; Insert Page Numbers 2) Number of Sources: Your paper should include a minimum of 10 sources. Appropriate sources include: (a) research articles from historical journals (b) books (c) primary sources (newspaper articles, interviews, FBI files, etc.) and (d) web articles (Wikipedia articles are not permitted for this project). 3) Format: Your paper should follow one of the following formats: MLA, Turabian, or APA 2 WRITING SCHEDULE 10/22/2020 (THURSDAY) RESEARCH PROPOSAL/ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IS DUE EMAILED TO DR. DUPREE-WILSON ( 11/29/2020 (SUNDAY) DRAFT 1 OF FINAL PAPER IS DUE EMAILED TO DR. DUPREE-WILSON ( 12/17/2020 (THURSDAY) FINAL PAPER IS DUE SUBMITTED THROUGH BLACKBOARD THOSE WHO ENGAGE IN PLAGIARISM OR ACADEMIC DISHONESTY WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC “F” IN THIS COURSE RESEARCH PROJECT RUBRIC Requirements Description Points Timely Submission of Your Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Submission of your Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography by 10/22/2020, via email, as instructed 6 Format 20-25 full pages, double-spaced,12-point font; Page count includes all required Paper Contents (Title Page, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Bibliography and Table of Figures) 6 Integration of Knowledge The paper demonstrates that the author fully understands and has applied concepts learned in this course 4 Topic Focus The topic is focused narrowly enough for the scope of the assignment 4 Depth of Discussion/Cohesiveness In-depth discussion and elaboration in addition to tying together information from all the sources relied upon 10 Spelling/Grammar No spelling or grammar mistakes 2 Sources Use of 10 or more approved sources 4 Citations Cites data obtained from other sources. Proper use of APA, MLA or Chicago style citations 4 TOTAL 40