Research About Motor Vehicle Injuries In Childhood And The Use Of Child Safety Seats In Saudi Arabia

provide Introduction motor vehicle injuries in childhood and the use of child safety seats in saudi arabia about : 150 words
•  Explain what you are going to be discussing – the country, the topic, the type of issues, the sources of interventions and potential recommendations.
Background: 550 words
•  Introduce your topic – what is the problem, define it, explain it, discuss why it is a problem, the impacts.
•  What are the morbidity and mortality statistics that link to motor vehicle injuries in childhood.
•  Identify who is involved – particular population groups – age – ethnicity.
•  Consider the determinants of health (and the burden of disease) in relation to the motor vehicle injuries in childhood, highlighting areas of importance.
requirement :
Use Harvard referencing and provide a reference list in the appendix
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