Reflection Report of Anthropology

I will give you instructions. Its a reflection report of health and medicines. It should be 450 words. READING: Walker, Marilyn 2003 Music as Knowledge in Shamanism and Other Healing Traditions of Siberia. Arctic Anthropology 40(2):40-48. FILM TO WATCH: Siegel, Taggart, Jim McSilver, and Sarita Seigel, dir. and prod. 2001 The Split Horn: The Life of a Hmong Shaman in America. 57 min. Independent Television Service. San Francisco, CA. After watching the film, follow this link for a brief interview with the filmmakers. Based on the reading and film, and all that you have studied so far, reflect upon shamanism. What have you learned from these two sources (give some specific examples from each source)? Did anything particularly catch your interest or surprise you? How would you compare the role and practices of shamans to medical practitioners that you are familiar with?