Reflection paper – the marketing mix and the influence of the target market


(approximately 3-5 pages long) Assignment/Topic: Identify an innovative product or service that has come onto the market in the past five years: Identify and describe who is the target market for this product/service backed by solid secondary qualitative and quantitative research Clarify what are the major individual, group, and cultural influences in the buying process for this target market Determine what stage in the innovation determination life-cycle the product/service is likely up to and provide evidence for your hypothesis Analyze how the organization designed each element of the marketing mix to create brand loyalty to or value for the target market you have identified, i.e. in other words how does the marketing mix create value/make the product/service appealing for the target market over other such offerings in the same category. This is NOT a marketing plan but an analysis of an existing product. Use multiple references and pay attention to Citations, etc must be done correctly.