Recommendations, benefits and assessment for final report

Write the last part of this project final report. Recommendations, benefits and assessment
The attachment is the progress report we submitted in the middle of the project.
Also, the attached picture is the work from another group, you can use it as a reference, but please do not copy.
PJM6135 has been designated an “XN Course.” Every term, students will work with sponsor organizations to create quality management deliverables. In PJM6135, quality management deliverables include, but not limited to:
Process Development Projects
Process Gap Analysis Projects
Process Mapping Projects
Quality Management System Development Projects
Process Effectiveness Analysis Projects
Working in a small team this term, you will collaborate with your peers and the sponsor to achieve four overarching goals:
1. Develop a project management procedure that will allow the organization to utilize Gant charts appropriately in their project management tool, Teamwork (<link is hidden> />
2. Use data from the organization’s PM software to derive which employees are the most productive / profitable for the company.
3. Use data from past projects to help the organization determine the profitability of past projects and determine an effective method of quoting new projects.
4. Determine when the Company has surpassed its bandwidth in a given skillset that would require HR to hire new employees.
Project Name: Employee Productivity & Project Profitability Analysis
Description: The organization is a result-driven marketing agency that works with clients to achieve goals, enhance internal marketing efforts, and transform marketing strategies for companies of any size. The agency does not sell any standardized product, service, or approach – instead, the agency customizes every strategy and effort around the unique needs of clients.
Organization’s Goals: The organization is looking for college students to help make processes more efficient as well as make projects more profitable. Students will be required to learn the functions of the organization’s project management tools and how they affect productivity. Students will devise a way to optimize the organization’s communication of project-based tasks using Gantt charts. Students will develop an understanding of how hours are logged to accurately calculate employee productivity. Using a combination of the information gathered students will collaborate to create an effective method to quote new projects. The students will be expected to create the deliverables listed above.