Preschool Expulsion (in 2017-2018 session)

AB 752 – Preschool Expulsion (in 2017-2018 session)
Should be 3 double-spaced pages (not including title or reference pages.)

  1. Title page (use the name of the bill as the title)
  2. You do NOT need an abstract
  3. Bill
    1. Basics
      1. Select a California bill from the list on iLearn
      2. Information about the bill – include the following:
        1. Name of the bill
        2. Number of the bill
        3. Who is/are the legislative sponsors of the bill (this are the senator(s)/representatives(s)/assembly members)
        4. Describe the bill’s status in the legislative process (include the date that you checked the bill’s status)
    2. Background
      1. What is the problem this bill is trying to solve?
      2. How important is this problem? Is it particularly important now? If so, why?
    3. Goals & Key Components
      1. What are the goal(s) of the bill?
      2. What does the bill cover? Are there several components? If so, what are they?
    4. Key Considerations
      1. What are the most important issues related to this bill?
      2. What are people arguing about? Where are the disagreements?
    5. Conclusions