Physician and Nurse Shortages in United States

Physician and nurse shortage is a major challenge in the United States which leaves millions of Americans at health risk. There is no positive impact on the Physician and Nurse shortage because the result is poor patient’s health and increased rate of mortality. Registered nurses in United States are few and they do not meet the demand in the market and aspect that has left vacancy rate of 7.2% according to the NSI Nursing Solutions.  Nevertheless, the demand for Physician and Nurse continue to increase and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the  projected rate of demand is 16%.The insufficient number of nurses has led to various challenges in the out organization. For instance, this has resulted to under staffing and thus there is more pressure to the few nurses in the organization. They often work for long hours and job dissatisfaction which results to fatigue. Due to this, they are prone to making medical errors and mistakes which leads to deterioration in their profession and working environment While there have been challenges in the organization due to the insufficient number of nurses, the information management systems have been crucial in  providing short term goals. For instance, the technology has provided decision support on patient care and this have had great impacts in improving quality as well as patient safety. While there have been less physicians and less nurse to consult, information systems have streamlined and integrated documentation support