phase one” China trade deal

A ceremony at the White House can’t hide the stark truth about the ”phase one” China trade deal: The deal does absolutely nothing to curtail China’s subsidies to its manufacturers. All those “forgotten men and women” in U.S. factories have, once again, been forgotten.”
“It’s ironic that the trade war, by heightening Chinese fears of being isolated from tech supply chains, has accelerated their drive to be self-sufficient. The means by which they accomplish tech transfer and acquisition may change as a result of today’s agreement, but their desire for it will not.”
• Please support your arguments with facts, theory, or data (or a combination of them).
Hint: It will help if you can first research and state what the current phase of the trade negotiation entails and what the previous negotiations have achieved.

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  • Your essay will be graded based on substance (e.g. how well your theory (and data, if you use any) supports your arguments) and clarity of exposition, not your stance on the issue.