Patient Experience & Culturally Sensitive-Patient Centered Care

Access the following to complete this Assessment:

Read the “Memorial Hospital Patient Experience Scenario”. Then, complete the following two parts:
Part I: Patient Experience and Improvement Tools
Develop a white paper that proposes a high-reliability quality program that will address the issues identified in the scenario. (10–15 pages)

  • A justification for why the hospital needs to create a high-reliability quality program
  • Descriptions of the elements of the patient experience to be targeted for improvement related to quality, safety, and overall satisfaction in the hospital
  • Recommendations for potential resources that could be utilized for improving or maintaining safety, quality, and the overall patient experience and explanations of why these resources would be of value
  • Recommend Lean Management and Six Sigma improvement tools that will be used in the high-reliability quality program

Part II: Culturally Sensitive, Patient-Centered Care
Propose a cultural sensitivity program focused on patient-centered care for the organization. Create a slide presentation to present to the board of directors of Memorial Hospital. Your presentation should be 7–12 slides and should include a title page and references on additional pages.
In the presentation:

  • Provide a rationale for why a cultural sensitivity program is important for patient-centered care.
  • Present an outline for a cultural sensitivity program.
  • Recommend a rollout and ongoing training plan.