Organisational Theory

We all acknowledge that organizational politics can result in unfair treatment for some at the expense of others yet this has always been the case and continues to live strong……SO:
After watching the video (ATTACHED BELOW) on building social capital through social bonding and creating coalitions….
Q. Respond to:    Can we realistically minimize organizational politics so as to eliminate the imbalance that often results? IF so, how? and at what or whose cost?   Think about self-motivating interests … but again, also think about what factors go into establishing social capital and building coalitions?
So why are we willing as a society to continue to accept that these political games are hard to eliminate? From an individual as well as organizational perspective?
Your thoughts? Use references please!
Textbook Name – Organizational Behavior: Emerging Knowledge. Global Reality, McShane and Von  Glinow, 2021 9thth Edition