compare or contrast two things or people i choose life before covid-19 and life presently.


  1. MLA Format – See “Formatting Your Papers” document for reminders about margins, font, line spacing, page numbering, and header
  2. Suitable title, centered on page 1; no underline or bold or extra blank line spaces before or after title
  3. FORMAL tone, language, and style, including NO slang or clichés (first-/second person voice IS NOT acceptable in this assignment)

Include research you used. You do need a Works Cited page to give credit to wherever you found the information. Ex: “Briggs and Myer stated that all people have their own strengths and weaknesses”.

  1. Word count does NOT include header/title OR documentation.

*available in Schedule/Syllabus area in Blackboard

TOPIC: This essay requires you to compare or contrast two things or people.

  1. Two models of technology ex: 2 types of phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  2. Two well known personalities. Ex; Gail King and Oprah.
  3. You may choose a topic, but I must OK it before you do any writing.

Choose ONE of the subjects from the list provided and write an explanation with examples to give an opinion. Remember to either compare or contrast the two items.
NO first-person (or second-person) voice! You are comparing/contrasting two items or people. Your feelings about subject does not matter.

  • Make sure your examples clearly back up the point you are trying to make.
  • Include information from at least FOUR and no more than SIX outside sources—these should be professionally researched about your topic Just make sure you put quotes around any direct quotes, and if you paraphrase, you must put the author’s name after the text you paraphrased. You might agree OR disagree with these outside materials.


Task Target Length: Deadlines:
Outline No minimum/maximum 10 a.m. Mon. Oct. 19
There is no minimum word count required for the outline, but it should be concise. Does not need to be in sentence form.

  1. What are you comparing/contrasting?
  2. What is it important for the reader to understand the differences or the comparisons Be specific!
  3. What criteria are you going to use to compare/contrast this subject? Be specific!
  4. What questions do you have for me (if any)?
Task Target Length: Deadline
ROUGH DRAFT 650 words Submit copy for instructor feedback:
10 a.m. Monday, Oct. 26
* OBSERVE THE TARGET LENGTH—it’s there for a reason!

  • I will NOT read rough drafts that are shorter than 540 words or longer than 750 words.
I do NOT accept late submissions of these outlines or rough drafts. I will provide feedback on your draft if it meets the following basic requirements, regardless of the quality of the content/writing in that draft:

  1. It must fall within the range for the word count for the rough draft.
  2. It must be correctly formatted in MLA style.
  3. It CAN contain a separate section at the end of the text including no more than three specific questions about the paper that you’d like me to answer—in other words, I will not line-edit or correct your grammar and other writing mistakes, but I will be happy to provide feedback on the areas in which you need help.
Task Target Length: Deadline
ROUGH DRAFT 600 words In-Class Peer Editing:
Thursday, Oct. 17
* OBSERVE THE TARGET LENGTH—it’s there for a reason!
•You CANNOT submit rough drafts that are shorter than 540 words
or longer than 750 words.
Such papers will be ineligible for editing!
To edit and get a partner’s feedback:

  1. You must arrive the class session on time with two printed copies of your rough draft in hand.
  2. Your draft must meet the minimum word count target for the rough draft.
  3. Your draft must be correctly formatted in MLA style.
  4. You must spend the entire class period working on one or more partner’s rough draft/s.


Task & Point Value Target Length: Deadlines:
FINAL DRAFT: 200 750 words 10 a.m. Friday Oct. 30
* OBSERVE THE TARGET LENGTH—it’s there for a reason!

  • I will NOT read final drafts that are shorter than 775 words or longer than 875 words.

Such papers will earn a score of 50%.


  • Be sure that you are writing an ESSAY, not just one long paragraph.
  • FOCUS on the assignment—don’t include off-topic information.
  • Recognize your audience (your peers in this class), and write accordingly.
  • DO NOT include first-person voice (e.g., I, me, we, us, our, etc.) OR second-person voice (e.g., you, your, etc.)
  • Your paper must have an introduction (INCLUDING A THESIS STATEMENT), a body, and a strong conclusion.
  • Use clear, SPECIFIC language, and use correct mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.). If you need help in these areas, visit the Writing Center!

Before submitting your final draft, ask yourself these questions:

  1. _____ Have I clearly and effectively responded to the assignment?
  2. _____ Is my paper formatted correctly? (Be sure the header, margins, spacing, font, and page numbering are correct.)
  3. _____ Is my overall tone suitably formal for an academic paper? (First-person voice IS acceptable in this assignment.)
  4. _____ Have I avoided using slang and clichés?
  5. _____ Does my word count fall in the required range?
  6. _____ Have I proofread to eliminate grammar and spelling errors? (Hint: if there are red, green, or blue squiggly lines showing up under words in your text, there might be an error.)
  7. _____ Is my file saved in MS Word format?

  1. Be sure you have saved your file as a MS Word (.doc/.docx) file. No late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted.