Nursing Theories-Nursing Assignment

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to develop their own personal philosophy of nursing while examining and incorporating a nursing theory.
Course Outcomes
Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the following:
• (CO#1)Demonstrate logical and creative thinking in the analysis and application of a theory to nursing practice. (PO 2 and 5)• (CO#3) Examine broad theoretical concepts as foundational to advanced nursing practice roles. (PO 1 and 2)
Due Date
Sunday 11:59 pm MT at the end of Week 2
Total Points Possible: 100 points
This assignment focuses on the student’s personal perspective of nursing and nursing theory within the profession.
This Word document should include your personal philosophy of nursing. If you have not developed a philosophy of nursing, then consider these questions to help you.
1. What is nursing to me?2. Why is nursing important to me?3. What nursing theory do I feel best guides my nursing practice?4. What are the qualities, skills, and values of a nurse?5. How do I intend to personally impact society through my nursing career?​
Defines what nursing means to student
Student will define or identify what nursing means to them
Identifies a nursing theory that best guides the student’s practice
A nursing theory that helps guide the student’s practice is identified by the student
Identifies qualities, skills, and values of a nurse
Student will identify some of the qualities, skills, and values of a nurse
Describes how the student will impact society as a nurse
Describes how the student will impact or does impact society as part of the nursing profession
Writing: APA, Grammar, Word Usage, & Punctuation
Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal written work as found in the current edition of the APA manual. CINAHL Nursing Guide articles are not considered schola