how new nurses can be bullied

I would like the topic to be about how new nurses can be bullied
The purpose of this assignment is to write a scholarly paper. To do this you will need to apply the
information learned in this module about APA formatting and using the College’s library resources. The
grading rubric focuses on the application of APA formatting to ensure that students learn the fundamental
skills they will be expected to apply in future courses.
Program Outcome:
• Provide safe, quality care incorporating evidence based nursing practice.
Course Objective:
• Demonstrate the use of current technologies for use in online learning.
• Apply the fundamental tools to expand nursing knowledge and skills
1. Select a nursing topic which relates to your professional practice to research.
a. You may use the topic you identified earlier in this course or a new one of interest to you.
2. Write a Scholarly Paper
a. Title page is formatted correctly and contains the correct information
b. Introduction includes an overview of the topic and the main points of the paper.
c. Content section develops the topic as relevant to your practice areas
d. Conclusion summarizes the main points of the paper
e. Reference page is formatted correctly
Please Note: Since the intent of this assignment is to learn APA, the parts of the paper (title page,
introduction, conclusion, and reference page) are specifically listed in these instructions. In future
assignments, this will not be the case. In the future, assignment instructions will focus primarily on the
Content section of the paper. The other parts of the paper will be expected when the instructions state that
you are writing a scholarly paper or a paper using APA formatting.
APA Requirements: (Please Note: this information will vary depending on the nature of each paper that is
written. While it will be similar, it will not be exactly the same for every assignment.)
• This paper should be written in APA format and in an approved font.
• Do not write in the first person for any sections of this paper.
• Level 1 headers must be used to label the content sections
• No abstract required
• One direct quote must be used in this paper
• References must include at minimum 2 articles from nursing journals.
• The paper should include: title page with honor code, no more than 2-3 pages of content; reference