Hour of Code

Hour of Code

Earn a certificate of completion from Hour of Code

Hour of Code (HOC) is a web site where you will complete a one-hour introduction to computer science. It is designed to explain code and show that anyone can learn programming basics. Since we are focusing on software during this course segment, you will see what is involved in the process of creating program, “apps.” Here is the link to the general HOC website:

Here’s the link:


You are going to complete the Processing Foundation – Hello Processing, module. Here is the link to this Module:


It has a video that will guide you through writing software to do the things that you often do with your hands: create drawings, create animations or to create images.

Pausing the video when the instructor asks you to type code will help.

Come up with an original creation , it should not look like this example. You should paste a screen shot of your creation after each section of the tutorial (Shapes, Color and Interact, and Questions). Use your favorite colors and try to create one of your favorite images. Paste your original screen shots below my examples.

After Shapes:

After Color:

After Interact:

After Questions: (with the mouse down)

Final step:

1. Continue to edit your code as much as you would like on your original image.

2. Make sure your last block of code includes elements from each section of the tutorial.

3. When you finish, click the Share button.

4. At the Confirm dialog box hit Continue. It is your choice whether or not you want to, “Share in gallery.”

5. Copy the link in the next dialog box and pate it into a Word document that I can see your final creation.

6. In that document also past a copy of your last block of code.

7. I will run your block to make sure it creates the same image.

8. Finally, paste a screen shot of after you finish the Questions section. Make sure I can see the date and time in the status area of your screen shot. Submit this document into the Blackboard assignment link.

9. Upload your certificate of completion in Blackboard assignment link.