Government Macroeconomy-Covid 19 Pandemic impacts on labour markets

Problem set 2 – due on Wednesday, 17 March 2021 (noon)
Please send one Word document by email, named as follows: firstname_lastname_PS2.docx
1. In half a page to one page (maximum): The Covid pandemic has impacted labor market outcomes
in most countries around the world. Pick a country you are interested in – what type of
information (e.g., indicators) would you gather, if you were asked to evaluate the extent of this
impact and whether you might expect longer-term or scarring effects on the labor market?
Describe the set of indicators you have identified and how they would contribute to your
assessment. (Some hints: for the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics news releases; for
European countries, Eurostat news releases the EU labor market; International Labor
Organization’s ILO Monitor; Country reports by the IMF or World Bank).
2. In one to two pages (maximum, single-spaced, Word document): Imagine you are a Staffer
specialized in International Affairs in U.S. Congress. You have been tasked with writing up to four
recommendations (maximum) on how the United States can contribute to a post-pandemic
rebound of the global economy. You have read the latest OECD economic outlook and some press
reports about it (OECD Economic Outlook, Interim Report “Strengthening the recovery: The need
for speed”, MARCH 2021). Please structure your argument as follows:
Part 1: Background: How might boosting growth in the United States reignite global growth?
Describe the various channels through which the U.S. might support a global recovery (i.e., in the
rest of the world).
Part 2: Recommendations: Think about what elements members of Congress might consider
when coming up with a stimulus plan, by weighing domestic and global political economy
constraints. Make three to four concise arguments based on your analysis, as to why you would
recommend enacting a larger or a more limited fiscal stimulus in the current context. (Decide
which side of this debate you will defend – by choosing one side and make three to four
recommendations to this end).