fundamental airline forecasting elements

Assess the fundamental airline forecasting elements and the forecasting plan related to your mock airline’s strategic planning and management with a focus on analysis, planning, and control. Identify data on route structure revenue, seasonal operations revenue, fleet structure costs, staffing model costs, etc.
Construct a forecasting matrix of a minimum of four and a maximum of seven (4-7) core functions that will impact your mock airline’s revenue structure. Examine how each of your core components that you review correlate to each other to benefit revenue overall. Include recommendations on if one element is not performing to desired forecasting, the controls that you would have in place to alert and correct such issues.
Finally, include a summary of information on the mock airline’s forecasting elements in airline strategic planning and management to recap the key points for the reader.
Locate at least one peer-reviewed article to support your viewpoints. You may reference your readings, however you must also reference another article you found in the library. Don’t forget to cite your source(s)!
A Note on Reference Sources
Paper Requirements
Written in current APA format. (Links to an external site.)
2-3 pages in length not including the title page and reference page.
All references, including your peer-reviewed article, should be cited in the text of the assignment and on the reference page.