Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Disease Care System in Wakefield

This proposal document is intended as a student guide to help you start to think about the development of your summative poster assessment. This proposal document is not graded, rather it is intended as a guide to help ignite ideas, explore options and seek clarifications. It would be useful to complete and amend this as a working document and utilised as part of module academic tutorials. It is normal to amend and develop ideas and solutions as part of this creative and informed process.
You will need to ultimately demonstrate these module learning outcomes:
1) Critical evaluation of local, national and international public health policy applied to nursing practice.
2) Critically analyse and evaluate key epidemiological and demographic data in order to identify and work towards improving health needs.
The fully detailed public health enhancing activity MUST be selected from ONE of the following approaches.

  • Innovative health technology resource
  • Community led intervention ………………..
  • Localised public health campaign
  • Creative health improvement pathway
  • Original public access to evidenced based health information.