Evidence Based Health Education-Related Intervention in the literature

find an appropriate evidence based intervention related to your project. Follow the instructions provided.


Go online and find what you think is an Evidence Based Health Education-Related Intervention in the literature (hopefully related to something that could be a potential project). Read it carefully and then answer the following instructions or questions:

  • Article: Provide the full citation of the title, author’s name, journal, publication date and pages
  • Describe the intervention:
    • Briefly describe the nature of the intervention.
    • What was the level of focus or target of the intervention (an individual, family, group, or community)?
    • What services, materials or information were delivered?
    • Where did the intervention take place, who delivered it, and what was the frequency, duration and or scope of the intervention?
  • Describe the model or theory on which the program/intervention is based
  • Discuss the specific characteristics or components of the program or intervention:
    • What strategies or approaches were used?
    • What makes it evidence based (use the 3 criteria provided in the lecture).
    • What was the primary outcome?
    • What “level” of evidence based do you think it was (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) (information found in lecture)

Use the assignment link to submit your analysis. No more than 2 double spaced pages!