evaluate ethics in international business, how it affects management decisions and actions

The action is this paper is to evaluate ethics in international business, how it affects management decisions and actions and the impacts poor ethical decisions can have on a company and its stakeholders and the impact of a good ethical reputation.

Additionally, an examination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is expected.


The paper should come in two distinct parts.

The first is to find a real example of an ethical failures in international business (no, you cannot use Nike) within the last 5 years.  Describe what happened, how was it discovered and how did it affect the reputation and business of the company.  How did they end up in that situation?  How could it have been prevented?  How did the company respond?  What impact did it have on their stakeholders (employees, stockholders, customers).  Additionally, find an example of an international business that took the ethical high road in their decisions, policies and actions.  Why did they behave differently than the ethical failure?  What impact did their actions have on their stakeholders?

The second part of the paper is to investigate 2 different companies and how they address CSR.  Why did they choose this action?  How has this action been reflected in revenues and reputation, if at all?  Who drove the action (CEO?  Board of Directors? Customers?) There are arguments to be made that CSR may not be reflected in share price or revenues.  If not, why should a company expend capital to incorporate?

Summarize your paper in your personal view of the necessity and value of strong corporate ethics program.  Are they really necessary?  Also your personal opinion of CSR.  If you were the Controller of a large corporation, would you be willing to invest millions in CSR knowing it was merely a cost and not a source of revenue for your firm?  You are an international manager – what do you think of the role of these two topics in international business.

Use APA formatting, make sure you use multiple, solid resources (none of them Wikipedia), cite your work in the body of your paper and take advantage of spell and grammar check!