Early Childhood Language/Literacy Unit

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Wk 5 – Signature Assignment: Early Childhood Language/Literacy Unit [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Select 1 age group from the following:
    • Infant/toddler (birth–age 2)
    • Preschool (ages 3–4 years)
    • Kindergarten–3rd grade (ages 5–8 years)
    • Develop an early childhood unit that focuses on integrating language/literacy concepts and skills into developmentally appropriate activities across the curriculum.
      Include the following components in your unit:
    • Target age/grade level population
    • Identify and describe the age/grade level for which this early childhood unit is designed. Provide contextual information related to the major physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, and aesthetic characteristics of this age group/grade level.
    • Unit introduction
    • Unit statement and rationale
    • Include a unit title that captures the reader’s attention.
    • Introduce the core book or author and explain how this unit integrates reading and writing strategies and literary elements that are age/grade-level appropriate.
    • State and/or national standards covered in the unit
    • Resources toolkit
    • Develop an annotated bibliography of 5 books and resources that support your unit. When selecting your resources, be mindful of the diversity of the children, including varied learning and developmental levels.
    • The books and resources should include 2 targeted for teacher use and 3 targeted for child and parent use.
    • At least 3 of your resources should be multimedia materials, including web-based resources.
    • Each annotation should be block indented and begin with the reference. All annotations should be in alphabetical order.
    • Each annotation should explicitly connect the selected book or resource to the unit in 3 to 5 sentences.
    • Format your annotated bibliography according to APA guidelines.
    • Lesson planning
    • Develop 3 lesson plans, each integrating reading with one content area, using the Reading Integration Lesson Plan Template guidelines.
    • Each lesson plan should address one of the following language/literacy areas:
    • Development of language and emergent literacy
    • Phonemic awareness, phonics, cueing systems, or structural analysis
    • Vocabulary
    • Fluency
    • Comprehension
    • Writing
    • Design and describe a formative assessment for each lesson and a summative assessment for the entire unit. The assessments should align to the lesson’s learning objectives.
    • Reflection
    • Solicit feedback from a practicing teacher concerning the following areas of your unit (option: seek feedback during the required field experience for this course):
    • Appropriateness of the unit and book/author for the age/grade level
    • Appropriateness of the lesson procedures (content and instructional strategies) for the age/grade level
    • Potential for the children to achieve the objectives and meet the standards
    • Words of advice for designing and delivering integrated units
    • After the feedback session, write a 350-word reflection that summarizes the teacher feedback you received and describes implications for professional development and growth based on the feedback.