Diversity In The Workplace And Strategic Planning

Diversity in the Workplace and Strategic Planning
Diversity is connected to transformational leadership, SWOT analysis, business plan development, and market assessment, develop divers marketing strategy to make sure that include divers’ group of people bae on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs. etc. Diverse work environments require the careful assessment of employees to determine whether it would be possible to achieve business objectives. Transformational leadership is applicable here and is connected to paper 2 since the style inspires a workforce to perform beyond expectations. The employees get thoroughly trained and assessed to ensure they share in the company’s vision. During such processes, it is possible for the diverse workforce to put aside of factors limiting their effectiveness so that it is possible for them to perform required tasks. Diversity is connected to SWOT analysis since the technique studies all internal and external aspects of a business. It is possible to determine whether a company has strengths that can get promoted. Weakness and threats in the diverse environment would be solved before any negative outcomes.