Develop and describe a mnemonic 

Develop and describe a mnemonic (Links to an external site.) (click “mnemonic” for a link to a web page) to help you remember key concepts/vocabulary.
In order to receive full credit, you must come up with your own mnemonic for each topic (4 Total: the 2 types of LTM; false memories; repressed memories) AND complete the responses as described in the instructions below. (The intention is for you to practice developing your own mnemonics. You will receive credit for creating the mnemonics and answers, not just simply answering the question.)
Please separate responses into paragraphs and answer ALL PARTS.

  • Identify and describe the two types of LTM (READ the textbook!!!!!).
    • Mnemonic for both types of LTM 
    • 1st type: describe the 2 forms and provide and example for each
    • 2nd type: describe the 2 distinct kinds and provide an example for each
  • Explain both the repressed memory and false memory controversies.
    • What is the difference between a false memory and a repressed memory?
    • Why may they be confused? (This one might be tricky, but figure out what will be meaningful to you)
    • Mnemonic for each (False Memories and Repressed Memories)

You MUST BE THOROUGH (explanatory/elaborate/use examples) in your responses and use complete sentences to receive full credit.  This assignment is worth 25 grade points and will be graded as such.
 DO NOT PLAGIARIZE…penalty is a grade of zero for this assignment.