Describe how you personally define success.

After completing the activities titled “Defining Success” on page 18-19 in your textbook and the My10YearPlan website, answer the following questions in a well developed one to two paragraphs:
· Describe how do you think your favorite public personality or well-known person would define success.
· Describe how you personally define success.
· Are there differences?
· Why do you think that is?
Your Initial Post Should Include the Following:
· Minimum of 75 to 150 words response
· You should do most of the work of explaining an idea in your own words and use a quotation from the textbook to simply back up or support what you’ve said. Include a quote within your response from the textbook and cite correctly.
· You are expected to post your initial response by Sunday, February 28 before midnight.
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· You are expected to post an initial response and reply to the discussion.