Contraceptive pill packages–disposal

the research topic is: Contraceptive pill packages–disposal
the attachment is the project instructions: MARK 360 W 21 Project zero.pdf
the attachment is the source of the textbook: mark360tex.pdf
Secondary Research help For Project Zero 2: Situational Analysis
Google is one search engine.  But not the only one.  A few other suggestions:
Find the Research Guides on the homepage of the Camosun library, then click on Subject guides and then Business and then look for MARK 220.  The research guide for MARK 220 has a Situational Analysis tab where the librarian has put suggested research sites for each section of a SWOT and so why invent the wheel–check here for some recommendations to help you research the sections required in your Project Zero Submission.
A good statistics side is Statistica.  If you use if from Google, you have very limited access.  But through our library, you have a full subscription.   It will give you stats on things like the amount of landfill of different products in Canada and worldwide.  Its great for social media stats. And buying behavior.  And much much more.
The best academic search engine is Ebscohost or Academic Source Premier. It will give you access to publications that the College pays for that you cannot find on Google.
The library has librarians.  Don’t underestimate their value.  If you cannot find the research you need, ask! In person, by email, or in a Chat.   This is their expertise and library services are part of your student fees.
A few tidbits to remind and/or inform you of more robust research available to you.