Compare-and-contrast daily hassles versus chronic life events. 

a.  Compare-and-contrast daily hassles versus chronic life events. 

  • Explain their impact on our health.  
  • Which do you think impacts an individual’s mental and physical health the most?
    • Explain

b.  Compare-and-contrast two stages of change (see the theory discussed in your etext chapter).
Question 2
a.  Which theory/model discussed in the chapter do you consider the best theory or model? 
b.  Explain the theory/model.
c.  Explain your rationale with examples.
Question 3
Complete these assessments for yourself or have someone complete them. (Links to an external site.)
hassles_and_uplifts_scale.pdfPreview the document
a.  What were the results?  
b.  What did you learn about yourself or the person who completed the scales?
c.  What are some suggestions for yourself or the person to do to address the results?
Question 4
Address from Awareness to Action
a.  Design a thirty (30) second commercial idea that would help increase adult intentions to take a new flu shot.   You can present the commercial or explain what you would do.

  • Include at least 2 principles of persuasion or compliance techniques developed by social psychological research from the following links: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
b.  Identify and explain the principles you used.
c.  Indicate where they were used within the commercial.