Compare and contrast contemporary Leadership Theories

Make sure no plagiarism on it please attach the proof of plagiarism percent also make sure you write it as an international student.
Paper 2 (20% of Total Grade)
Each student will choose a topic from below and to write a 6-8 page descriptive paper discussing the importance the Management concept, evidence of how/when organizations apply the concept, and examples of impact or best practices.
• Applying Contemporary Motivation Theories in the workplace
• Effective strategies for communicating and working in teams
• Compare and contrast contemporary Leadership Theories
• (10%) Focus, Purpose, Thesis: The paper expresses a clear and appropriate purpose.
• (30%) Ideas, Support, and Development: The paper presents ideas and examples supporting the purpose of the paper. Ideas and support are consistent and cohesive.
• (30%) Structure Organization: The paper flows and follows a sequential order.
• (10%) Audience, Tone, and Point of View: The paper has a clear tone and is directed to describe the concept to an audience of college students.
• (5%) Sentence Structure (Grammar): The paper contains complete sentences with few grammatical errors.
• (5%) Mechanics and Presentation: The paper has few punctuation, spelling, and other errors.
• (10%) Vocabulary and Word Usage: The paper uses college level diction and appropriate terminology from the course.