Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Using one of the following case studies
· Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
· The actions of Chuck Blazer within FIFA corruption
· The Ebay 2020 CyberStalking scandal
In resolving the ethical dilemma(s) in your chosen case study, apply:
· Utilitarianism / Best Outcome model
· The Rights Model (applicable why/why not)
· Your own opinion
Use the file Phantom Expenses under “Business Ethics” notes to help guide your answer.
Use Slide numbers 21, 22, 26 and 27 under “Business Ethics” to help you.
Introduction: 6 or 7 lines.
-Tell me what this assignment is about…. “This assignment will examine X case study”.
-Why? “The assignment will examine x case study from the utilitarian or rights model perspective as it killed x no of people etc../ outcomes negatively affected people etc../ corruption is wrong…etc”
-Tell me what “ethics” is, what are the different types of ethics.…. Use references.
Main body of assignment (2-4 paragraphs)
– Tell me the facts- what happened.
– Who are the stakeholders? (Who are the people involved)
– What is the outcome for the stakeholders (for example, if no pollution/no corruption/no stalking)
– What is the outcome for the stakeholders (for example, when there was pollution/ when there was corruption/ when there was stalking)
– What is the best outcome for the greatest number of people (Utilitarian model) or
– What is the outcome that maximizes the dignity of the stakeholders and minimizes the violation of their rights (Rights model)
Conclusion: What do you think is the best solution? Why are ethics so important?
Please note these are just guidelines, you do not have to follow them if you do not want to.

Grading Rubric
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