characteristics of Woody’s Lumber Company-Smith Shirt manufacturing plant &Compulab Corporation

  1. Study the characteristics of      Woody’s Lumber Company, the Smith Shirt manufacturing plant, and Compulab      Corporation (refer to Figures 7-1e7-3). Establish a priority list of      what you think is the 10 most important countermea- sures for each      location to prevent unauthorized entry. Why did you select as top      priorities your first three strategies in each list?

2. You are a physical security specialist for a major global corporation based in the United States. Upon conducting a risk analysis of a large corporate building in a medium-size city in the United States, you listed the following vulnerabilities. Prepare solutions for each vulnerability and prioritize the list so the most serious items are corrected as soon as possible (Purpura, 2007).
Item A
The building contains an underground garage with minimal controls (i.e., an
access gate for vehicles opens via an employee access card).
Item B
The front of the building is on Main Street, close to the street, and any vehicles can park at the front on the street. The three other sides of the building contain
parking lots close to the building and are accessible through an access gate
opened by an employee access card.
Item C
The rear lobby of the building is at ground level and at the ending point of a straight road of one-eighth mile long.
Item D
In the last 12 months, two employees were robbed in separate incidents at
night outside the building in the parking lots.
Item E
Corporate offices, functions, assets, and utilities are clearly marked by signs in- side and outside of the building.
Item F
Air intakes for the building are at ground level at the rear of the building.
Item G
Although employees use a card key to access the building, tailgating is a
Item H
A minimum number of security officers on the premises results in gaps in se- curity and at access points as they are called off-post to obtain mail and conduct other errands.
Item I
Executive staff has their names on designated parking spaces.
Item J
Two garbage dumpsters are located up against the rear of the building.
Item K
The rear of the building faces nearby hills containing a variety of buildings.
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