Battle of the Ants

I. Verbal Summaries: Turn in on March 10–summaries of two of the readings done so far this semester, listing 1. A summary of the reading, 2. Author’s thesis – and rationalization for your claim of that thesis, 3. List the three forms of support the author uses to support the thesis – and rationalization for your claim.

List to choose from:

1. Mandatory Voting

2. Black Panther in Context

3. Required Voting

4. Battle of the Ants


II.  Short Writing–Choose one of the articles you did a verbal summary of to do a short writing on; argue against the author’s thesis, 3 pages, essay form. support your thesis.


III. Grammar and literacy: euphemisms, cliches, zombie talk, non-academic writing

-Let’s agree to disagree [‘each one reach one’] – zombie phraseology, often religious

-He was someone to bounce things off to

-I can’t talk now; I’m in the mist of doing something

-It takes the icing on the cake

-He wasn’t the sharpest tool shed

-That being said

-Today’s society

-There are several points that can anchor upon the discussion

-It really comes to show you

-The way to get there is either Ford Freeway or either Gratiot Ave

-Get a jump of the competition

-It is warmer than usual of lately

-This article ties back into the subject of poverty

-She was bored of using flash cards



He had gone to the store

He would have gone to the store

She will have gone to the store

She had gone to the store when



IV. Research and primary research:



V. What are full text sources?




College Essay Form

Use this outline as a checklist for your writing of both short and long papers! They must conform to the outline

College Essay Form (REQUIRED for all assigned papers).


I. Introductory Paragraph

Topic Sentence (first sentence)

Thesis Sentence (second sentence)

Summary of Support (third sentence–essay map)

-no quotes, no rhetorical questions, no statistics, no footnotes, no plot summary

-at least three supporting details in the essay map

ONLY THREE SENTENCES, for a proper intro


II. Body Paragraphs (‘expansion’/’development’ paragraphs)

-two body paragraphs for each supporting detail (6 body paragraphs total)

-topic sentence taken from essay map

-the topic sentence controls everything in the paragraph (expansion)

-expand on your essay map’s supporting details one in each paragraph

-all quotes, statistics, footnotes, citations, rhetorical questions, etc. (development)

– all examples, sub-topics, etc. (expansion)

– paragraph development in the form of in-line quotes, block quotes, presentation and explanation

-comparisons, contrasts, definition, process (this is both expansion and development)


III. Concluding Paragraph

1. Restate your thesis (first sentence)

2. Summarize your entire argument (second sentence)

– ONLY TWO SENTENCES should be used in a concluding paragraph