A leader you admire.

For this assignment, you are required research a leader you admire.
Directions for the assignment:

  1. You will be required to use an acceptable citation format such as APA to reference the materials you use to compile your research.
  2. This person can be any leader in any field, It can be someone you know or someone you can research. You will then write a paper that incorporates the items listed in the rubric below.
  3. The person that you research cannot be a relative.
  4. Your research paper should be at least three (3) pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font.
  5. You will upload your paper to Canvas either as a Word document or PDF. I cannot read .pages documents.

Rubric of assignment:

Each of the items below should be titles and content of the paper:  
Why have you chosen to research this person? 10
What is the impact this person has had in his or her field? Tell their story. 10
What is it about them you admire? 10
What lessons can you take from what you know of their life experience? 10
What leadership style from the book does your leader follow. Describe details that are evidence for the style? 15
What field/industry this person is part of and what was their education (major)? 5
What are five Questions you would like to ask them if you could meet? 10
Conclusion/summary paragraph is included 10
Technical aspects of the paper  
Include a cover page 5
Followed directions including length and title 5
Included appropriate citation of reference page – APA 5
The paper is free from grammar and spelling errors 5
Total Points 100 points